Running Analysis Running is becoming increasingly popular, especially with 2015 New Year’s resolutions! Assessment of your canada goose Expediton Parka running style and foot placement will help to prevent injury and could also improve canada goose Expedition Parka your speed and performance! Did you know, 65% of runners are injured per year, 11 injuries occur per 1000 running miles? If you have any niggles when you’re running it could simply be due to your footwear, your running style or even the way you swing your arms, and early detection of any potential issues will prevent unnecessary injury. What does a Biomechanical Running Assessment involve? We start by gaining a history of current and previous injuries alongside the amount and type of training that you are doing. If you are racing we also take into account forthcoming events. Physical Assessment The physical assessment is important in identifying any biomechanical problems, joint restrictions, tight muscles or areas of weakness that may affect your gait. As physiotherapists we have many years’ experience in assessing these areas. Motion Capture Analysis Video capture is carried out from a variety of angles in order to assess your running gait. This is repeated following adjustments to your running style and/or technique drills. Physiotherapy Assessment At our specialist physiotherapy centre you will have a thorough physiotherapy assessment including assessment of any specific injuries. You will then be asked to warm up and then run either outside on the drive or on a treadmill and we film you running from the front, side and back in order to fully consider all aspects of your running style, from foot placement to knee/hip angles and spinal posture. Following this we analyse the videos and along with your physiotherapy assessment this allows us to determine any problem areas in your running style that may cause or contribute to an injury. From this it may be necessary to provide you with a program of exercises, stretches, or running drills. This often involves core and lower limb stability work and stretches to improve your gait quality, speed and reduce the risk of potential injury. At the end of the process you will be presented with a comprehensive report outlining the findings from the assessment for future reference. Re-Assessment As physiotherapists we believe that running analysis should not be a one off event. As you work on areas of flexibility, strength and technique it is likely you will need support in order to continue with dynamic strengthening and stretching exercises and consolidate your new techniques. You may also require progression of exercises to ensure on-going improvements in your running style. The re-assessment normally occurs 4-6 weeks later. runner-red