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Our Charges :

Treatments are tailored to each patient and you may need anything from a simple one-off treatment to a course of follow up sessions. Here at the clinic we believe in achieving your return to sport or chosen activity in the shortest and safest amount of time. We do n0t believe in unnecessary follow up treatments and won’t use them when they are not required. Our business prides itself on it’s ever growing number of happy customers who have achieved their goals in the minimal time and with the minimal cost.


Because injuries are often multi-factional a comprehensive examination and assessment are undertaken before treatment begins.

Consultation, Diagnosis and Treatment

Typically this initial Consultation will include a postural or biomechanical assessment, a full Diagnosis and a Treatment – cost £45

Follow Up

A Follow-Up treatment session may include exercise prescription – cost £35

Sports Massage

Before offering a Sports Massage we undertake a posture assessment – cost £35


DNAs (Did Not Attend) are recognised as a missed attendance and as such any fee is required in full, ie £45 for a missed Initial Assessment at £35 for a missed appointment. EMERGENCY AND BANK HOLIDAY S £60 Flat Fee