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Forensic Physiotherapy :

Forensic Physiotherapy for Medico-Legal Assessments A Forensic Physiotherapy evaluation will provide the referral source with an independent point of view of the client’s present status, as well as an opinion of his/her future functional outcome. In providing such an elite level of evaluation we have maintained field leadership in terms of treatment delivery, quantitative and qualitative evaluations based on peer-reviewed research, and on-going post-graduate training and certification. This has allowed us to be considered as a leader in the field of orthopaedic, sport and industrial rehabilitation. The Physiotherapy & Specialist Sports Injury Clinic can assist you in providing an expert opinion on: a client’s physical and functional status

  • determining function potential of an injured athlete
  • determining MVA treatment plan justification
  • establishing biomechanical and rehabilitate reasonable cause to effect relationships
  • litigation requiring a physiotherapist Court Expert WitnessWe will utilise a mix of client history and physical tests to determine the history of treatment to date and its relevance to current findings, ongoing treatment needs that are seen to be reasonably necessary, contributing factors to persisting pain /reduced function from a psychological perspective, current functional capacity with regards to pre-injury work and lifestyle, current level of activity participation and general cardiovascular healthA detailed report is collated in line with the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules and includes photographs, references and current day costs of services and equipment.